Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Silly suggestion of the day

Go to Google, type 'find Chuck Norris' and hit 'I'm feeling lucky'...

Wednesday, 22 February 2012

An unexpected treat of a quote!

"They say that tree-hugging is therapeutic. That assumes you are disturbed in the first place." Tim Wonnacot

I could get to like Bargain Hunt.

How to traumatise a spoilt dog

Question; When did I acquire a sulky teenager? Bailey is not a happy bunny.

Our old sofa had become dangerous to sit on. To be fair, it was a wooden framed sofa that had been well used for 50+ years (!) but was no longer repairable. So it was taken away by good old Bulky Bob's, hopefully something good would happen to it.

The replacement sofa is at my brother's ready for collection shortly. In the meantime, Bailey is inconsolable. The cushions were soft enough for him to lie on the back and bed in (see his profile pic). He had his spot on the end of the sofa, where he could watch the passers-by. He could hide underneath it, store his toys underneath it.

And it has gone, so he has refused to stay in the room since. The lovely antique rocking chair is viewed with great scorn. He has taken residence in my bedroom instead, sitting on the end of the bed and watching the world from a higher vantage point. He comes down when he wants something, and resents my presence in the room if he doesn't.

The bad news is, the replacement is a rather fine Italian leather job, and he won't be allowed on it. At this rate, he won't come down to find out...

Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Astronomy for Idiots

this was originally in Draft on 5 December 2011

Phoebe gave me an astronomy lesson a fortnight ago.

She came in yelling "I've just seen a satellite!" and hauled me into the garden to be educated.

Off the top of my head, I can't remember what she confused with a satellite, I meant to check The Sky at Night site to see what was suitably bright in the sky, but I forgot.

Apparently, the twinkly ones are twinkle stars, and the big round one was the Moon. The moving/flashing lights are planes (don't bother with them).

So there we have the Wonders of the Universe AND the Solar System, condensed by a three year old.

Follow up 21 February 2012

For Christmas, Phoebe requested a telescope, a keyboard, a drum and a fairy dress. Since then, she has;
    Watched Stargazing Live with her dad and loved it
    Battered her brother for trying to take her telescope
    As above, but for trying to steal the microphone off the keyboard
    Developed a fine line of Disney princess dresses
    Has not given up hope on the drum, just yet...

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Jasmine (1999-2011)

Jasmine, the Warrior Princess, died last Monday. And there will be a worthy tribute piece at some point.

Being a total sentimental case, I asked the vet for the ashes, which were ready for collection today.

They were nowhere to be found when I arrived. Even in death, that cat could do a runner from the vet.

Well done that girl! They did turn up, btw.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

How to stop your owner's heart...

I took Bailey to the local supermarket, we needed milk. Or rather, I need tea with milk to function, and he likes a walk. He chose to forget the mammoth fetch-ball session in the pouring rain, and pestered until I decided to take him along.

I tied his lead to a ring around a post outside the exit door. And in the space of five minutes he vanished.

He had started to wander round the post, found the gap in the ring that I had missed, and pulled his lead free. Then he went in through the out door, and looked round for me. In the meantime, I was outside, thinking horrible thoughts about dognapping and little hounds playing in traffic.

To his credit, he was sweet and charming to the staff who caught him, and didn't pee on anything or anybody. But he showed no sign of wanting to go back in with a list and a trolley to sort the weekly shop, either.

But then he is a little blokey dog. What did I expect?

Monday, 15 August 2011

Manchester - August 2011

The skanks of Manchester and Salford decided to copycat the riots in Tottenham.  They had no idea about the issue which started the original London troubles.  They did know they wanted to sack Manchester for trainers and tellys, booze and the craic.

But Manchester bounced back. On Wednesday the Real Mancunians turned out to clear up.  By real manc, I mean someone who loves Manchester, not necessarily a Manc born.

Ashamed to say I didn't go down, so I feel I've surrendered my Manc birthright.  I had spent so long watching the news coverage on Tuesday that I went to bed around 4am on Wednesday, I slept in until noon. And I didn't go out in town last week, as I was being a folky hippy at Cropredy.

But Manchester town centre will be just fine.  It has survived world wars, fierce protest marches, IRA bombs, some really nasty 'redevelopment', vicious derby matches and an invasion of Scottish and Russian football fans on the lash.  It will take more than some pathetic gobshites to bring it down.